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Our home care nursing service, under the instructions of physician, the service may include the following:

Maintaining personal and oral hygiene.
Assisting and helping with feeding.
Change of incontinence - protectors (pampers, incontinence pads, catheters, catheter bags, etc.)
Assisting the patient to maintain the proper position and with the mobilization.
Monitoring and documenting in a clear, concise and readable way the vital signs as per Doctor's indications: Blood pressure, blood sugar check-up, temperature, respirations, pulse rate, weight and others.
Keeping records of intake/input balance, if it is recommended by Doctor.
Dispense medicines as per Doctor's advice. It is strictly forbidden to administer any medication which was not prescribed by the treating doctor.
Providing proper skin and soft tissue care to prevent bed sores. Assisting in the basic wound care to treat the existing bed sores.
Following the diet chart as per Doctor's advice.
Maintaining the patient's bed and all the existing equipment clean and functional. Maintaining a hygienic work environment, by respecting the basic aseptic techniques, performing proper hand washing as often as it is required.
Using the medical equipment as per Doctor's advice.
Function as a liaison between the patient's family and the managing team by respecting and using in a proper way the designated communication channels.
Escorting the patient to a medical appointment or to the hospital in case of admission.
Keeping in a clear and concise way of daily care documentation. Recording all the pertinent data with times, dosage and sites of care actions, patient assessment data, response of the care giver to the change in condition, specific taken actions, at what time was the physician, the patient's family and other health care team members notified , and what was their response.