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Physical therapists assess the patient's functional abilities and establish a rehabilitative plan with realistic goals. The physical therapist, in consultation with the physician, works with patients and families to establish home exercise programs to improve strength range of motion, endurance, gait training, mobility, and balance. The physical therapist may use modalities such as heat and water, ultrasound, weights, electrical stimulation, or other devices intended to restore function, maximize performance or alleviate pain.

Through physical therapy, services may include - but are not limited to:

Pre and Post Operative safety assessments, treatments, and education.
Establishment of home exercise programs for strength, endurance, coordination, and balance.
Gait and transfer training.
Instruction in body mechanics and safety.
Specialized devise and equipment assessment and training.
Stroke recovery care.
Chronic disease management.
Fall prevention strategies.
Home safety assessments with recommendations.